Horizontal Address Planter Plaque

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A beautiful way to display your address and invite guests into your home with a simple touch of curb appeal! Fill the planter box with anything you choose- succulents, small flowers, even seasonal items!

Address Planter Plaque - HORIZONTAL OFFSET

This Rustic Address Planter Plaque is constructed from new wood and stained to the color of your choice. Each piece is custom made and wood grain variations and/or knots in lumber are to be expected in every cut and will take the tint of stain differently; enhancing it’s natural state.

ALL address plaques and planters are water sealed (beginning 4/11/2019). This clear satin coating provides exceptional protection from sunlight, rain, moisture, temperature changes and helps prevent mildew damage. 

Dimensions for this planter will vary based on the amount of numbers that are being displayed. You will see the dimensions listed in the chart below. Height is 7.5 inches, and length will vary based on the numbers you select.
The planter box measures approximately 4.5in deep, 4.5in tall, and 7.5in wide.

1 14
2 18
3 22
4 26
5 30


****Planters are best suited to house small plants in their smaller containers, and set into the planter box. The planter box is constructed high enough to contain/hide MOST of the smaller plastic trays and pots that your flowers come in when you buy them. It is NOT recommended to fill your entire planter box with soil (wet soil is very heavy and needs to have proper drainage). Photos featured in this add ALL show planter plaques with artificial arrangements.

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