Laundry Room Sign

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--Pick your stain! Photos in the listing depict all choices, labeled. Cover photo shows KONA. 

--Pick your font! Choose from block or script style. 

--Text is hand painted in Antique White. (Hand Painted means that this isn't going to be perfect) Distressing available upon request. 



30" tall x 7.25" wide

Pipe is 3/4 diameter and 8" long. Total length from flange to end of pipe cap is just over 9".


**Approximately 26 plastic hangers fit onto the 8" long piece (NOT included the cap at the end of the piece).


ALL Hanging Hardware is Included:

(2) Heavy Duty D-Rings on the back of your piece

(1) pack of Drywall Anchors (this includes the anchors and the screws). Exact brand may vary from the one shown in photos. 


'Hanger' (aka the metal pipe pieces) are all coated in oil rubbed bronze. 

Shown hanging are both a child's hanger (pink) and standard hanger (white).


Some Assembly Required:

To save you on shipping costs, your sign will arrive with the flat flange attached to the sign but the 8" 'hanger' portion will not be attached/screwed into the flange. This will save you on postage since it's partly calculated by dimension.  You will need to screw your 'hanger' into the hole in the flange (righty tighty, lefty loosy!). A photo is included in this listing to show you how the sign will ship in it's two separate pieces. 

Each piece is custom made from new lumber. Wood grain variations and/or knots in lumber are to be expected in every cut and every cut will take the color of stain differently- enhancing it's natural state via stain applications.